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SICP Reading Notes


I've been in the process of reading Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (aka SICP aka The Wizard Book). I've decided that I'm going to be publishing reading notes to keep some social pressure on myself to continue.

I'm reading it because I'm mostly self-taught and I don't think I've ever gotten a truly deep understanding of the fundamentals of "computer science." I don't have a CS degree. It also seems that it is an absolute classic in computer science education. If used properly, it's enlightening it seems.

I don't know what the structure/formula of these notes will be like yet. I will probably publish when a "sufficient amount of new information and perspective has accumulated." So if one section presents me with a lot of new information and perspective, I'll do a post on that section. If it's a whole chapter, I'll do a post on the chapter.

Currently, I'm in section 1.2. I love the way Abelson and Sussman are presenting and explaining all of this.